Finishing Strong in Week 12

Today marks the start of week 12 which means that for many of us, there is just one week of coursework left. If you’re like me and you’re studying subjects that don’t have exams, you’re even closer to those sweet summer holidays. There’s just one holdup. End of semester assessments.


That’s right. Those huge assignments that are usually worth around 30-40% of your overall mark are the only thing between you and staying at home watching Netflix all day. So how do we actually get these things done?


Planning is key. Break the assignment down into manageable portions and set out a timetable to finish it. It might seem like more of a drag to be working on it more often but it is better than the alternative. Leaving it to the day before it’s due is a time honoured student tradition, but it doesn’t lend itself well to y’know, actually passing the assessment. It’s also very easy to get overwhelmed with a whole assignment to do and a looming deadline.

To this you might say, “that’s all well and good, but what if I’m waiting on a group member to finish certain sections?” Another good question…


Group Work

For the most part, fellow group members do their share of the work. With these people it’s all about regular communication to ensure that the assessment is fairly divided and everyone is on track to get their part finished. Sometimes though, you do have that useless group member that does a poor job on their part of the assessment or even doesn’t do it at all.


In this case, staying in constant communication with your tutor or lecturer about the lack of work a certain group member is doing is the best course of action. Remember, there’s only so much you can do if you have an uncommitted group member, so just control what you can control. Many times, large group assessments also include a review portion that lets you give feedback on other group members. If you’ve planned out the assessment on your own or with group members, and are still not feeling good. Don’t stress. There are heaps of resources available to you.



Take a look at Acheive@Uni for basic writing, reading, referencing or presentation tips. If you need further help with getting your head around an assessment, have a chat to one of the Student Development Advisers. You can either drop in, or book a time that suits you. Peer Learning Advisors are another option if you need more technical and specific advice. They can give you one on one help with assignment writing and time management skills and are located on level 1 of the library. If you’re still struggling, find some time to talk to your tutor or lecturer about what you’re finding difficult.

How do you deal with end of semester assessments? Let us know in the comments below!