HuSS Higher Degree Research Conference

Hey guys, today we’ve got Anthony Condon here to talk to you about the upcoming HuSS Higher Degree Research Conference. 

Hey HuSS HDR candidates! This is a call to you!

Coming up on the 5th and 6th of December is the annual HuSS HDR Conference! This is your chance to:

  • – get some experience presenting in an academic context
  • – meet some of your milestones for you RPP or confirmations
  • – meet other HDR students and build your network
  • – support your academic community

There will be sessions across the full breadth of the HuSS disciplines, themed together to create interesting, topic based, interdisciplinary panels.

Get Involved:

Send in your abstract by November 7th. If later than that date get in touch with us and we’ll try to work you in.

We need people to chair our sessions. This is a great opportunity to get some experience in performing this key role of an academic. If you’re an undergrad or honours student who thinks they are up to the challenge then get in touch with us.

Come along:

In addition to the student presenters there will be a keynote presentation and a panel of recent PhD graduates discussing the pathways open post-PhD and how to make the most of your transition from research student to someone with a research degree.

We need audiences! So even if you’re not presenting, or if you’re outside of HuSS or the HDR programme, you’re still welcome to come and have a listen in. If you’re currently a HuSS undergrad or honours student thinking of doing a higher degree by research then this is a great opportunity to come and have a look at what goes on in these degrees.

Interesting talks, free food, being an active member of your professional community, what more could you want? Plus it looks great on your grant applications.

For more details and to register: