Meet Your Teachers – Daniel Nguyen

Welcome to a new series of posts we’ll be running on the ‘Wise ASSC’ blog called ‘Meet your Teachers’. In these posts we will introduce you to some of the best teachers and academics in the College of ASSC. These posts are all about showing you a different side to your teachers. We’ll also look at some of their work and accomplishments. Up first is Daniel Nguyen.

Daniel Nguyen

Daniel is a PhD candidate at La Trobe, and also lectures in finance and economics and has taught at La Trobe since 2012. Originally from Vietnam, Daniel graduated from Foreign Trade University  in Ho Chi Minh City, studying a Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours. In the final six months of his degree, Daniel got a job with HSBC in Vietnam. Daniel then moved over to work at HSBC in Hong Kong before getting a scholarship to study his Masters in Financial Analysis at La Trobe. After finishing his Masters, Daniel was afforded the opportunity to be a research assistant at La Trobe. He would then receive a scholarship to complete a PhD at La Trobe, which he will complete in 2017.

During his teaching time at La Trobe, Daniel has lectured and tutored in multiple subjects in the finance and economics disciplines. As of late, Daniel has been a lecturer in the subjects ‘Modelling Econometrics’ and ‘Computational Finance’. As a teacher, Daniel believes that blending of practical examples and theory are the best way of teaching students.

“I just want to make it practical and interesting to my students. (Looking at) what will happen in their life and how we can apply the theory and the knowledge that you have learnt in university to measure something in the real world,” Daniel says.

Daniel has recently been recognised for his outstanding teaching. In July, Daniel won an award from the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the College of ASSC, for “embracing the lecturing role with great enthusiasm, effort and providing a great learning experience”. More precious to Daniel, however, was a teaching award given to him by the La Trobe Student Union.

Daniel at the La Trobe Student Union Awards

“To me the La Trobe Student Union teaching award is the most precious one because it’s voted by my students. This means they realise and appreciate my assistance and my teaching is good to them,” Daniel says.

Exam Advice

Daniel’s advice for students during exams is to stay focused throughout the whole semester. This, he believes, will help students when we come to final exams.

“Education is a lifelong process. (That) means do not wait until the last minute to ask questions because in the last minute, you will be very confused and you will get lost,” Daniel explains.

Daniel says that we should try to go over the final few lectures to prepare for exams.

“Go to the last recorded lecture. I think most lecturers will give you some hints and some guidance for subject revision and especially for the final exam,” Daniel says.

“Usually the final exam just replicates what you’ve learnt during the semester in tutorial exercises and lecture examples so go back over those,” Daniel continues.