Peer Learning Advisors – What They Can Do For You!

With the start of the new academic year, we thought it would be great to find out more about our Peer Learning Advisors (PLA) and find out what they can do for you!

So who are the Peer Learning Advisors?

PLA are roles taken on by students who want to assist other students in academic work and success. All PLAs are current students, who have completed at least one year of study in courses from across the university. PLAs have the tools to help others develop their academic skills such as assistance with clarification of subject materials, assessments outlines and other general academic requirements like referencing. PLAs are also able to support students by offering guidance to other university services as needed depending on the situation.

Where can you find the Peer Learning Advisors?

PLAs are located on Level 1 of the library behind the college desks. Depending on what type of assistance needed, students are encouraged to bring the assessment task that they need help with, along with any notes (printed – not on the computer). It might be that students need help to plan their essay, so they should bring paper and a pen so that we can clarify what the assessment requirements are and assist in formulating their ideas.

Let’s meet Jaq!

Jaq is one of our fabulous PLA’s, currently in her fourth year of a double degree in Anthropology, Microbiology and Genetics. I asked Jaq why she had decided to become a PLA and she explained that she wanted to share her passion for her studies and the experiences she has had at La Trobe, with others. Through sharing her skills and knowledge, Jaq has seen the positive outcomes of students helping other students to realise their academic goals.

Jaq’s advice to others studying at La Trobe University: “Use all the available resources to support you through your academic journey, such as the student union and get involved as much as you can”. “You are not alone in this, so when you are feeling worried or concerned seek out people to help you, keep pushing, and work out what is best for you and your situation”.

Upcoming workshops for Humanities and Business students

The Learning Futures team will be running workshops for Humanities and Business students to help you develop your academic skills. We have created an LMS site – Strategies for Academic Success – with a series of modules (such as Understanding Your Assessments; Academic Arguments: Reading them/Writing them, and more) that will be explained in the workshops.

You can also work on the modules independently if you can’t make it to the workshops. The LMS site will allow you to self-enrol so you can access the materials and advice. The workshops will be facilitated by our PLAs who are studying in Humanities, so they will bring a wealth of experience to the sessions. See timetable below:

  Day Time  Location Topic
Weeks 2 & 3

(Beginning March 8th)

Wednesday 1-2pm HU2 137 Week 2

Understanding your assessments (including referencing)


Week 3

Effective note-taking/note-making

  Thursday 12-1pm HU3 116


  Day Time Location Topic
Weeks 2, 3 & 4


(Beginning March 8)

Tuesday 12-1pm TLC 216 Week 2

Effective note-taking

Week 3

Your assessments and the Subject Learning Guide (SLG)

Week 4

Academic arguments: reading them/writing them

  Wednesday 11-12pm HU3 116
    1-2pm HU3 116
  Thursday 10-11am HU2 201