2017 Student Advisory Group Meeting #1

The ASSC Student Advisory Group (SAG) consults on matters pertaining to transition, retention and student achievement. The group will supplement ideas and suggestions from students, already gathered through surveys, committee representation, focus groups and ad hoc feedback.

Earlier this week, members of the 2017 SAG came together for the first meeting of six for the year. This group is represented by students from all of the college schools, from different year levels and vast cultures.

The 2017 SAG members have highlighted their focus around the following:

    • improving the student experience and bringing students closer together
    • enhancing the scope of learning 
    • helping students to get the best experience out of their time at university and be best placed to make an impact once their time at university is over
    • sharing ideas and suggestions on how life for students and academic staff could be improved.
    •  further development of individual skills like communication, team work and problem solving

We will be sure to share newsworthy stories when possible on the WiseASSC blog. In the meantime, if you would like to contribute or want to have  a topic raised at the next SAG meeting, please get in contact with the ASSC Transition Advisor Lisa on l.cannon@latrobe.edu.au.