A Series of Fortunate Events

Transitioning into the workplace

Picking up from my last post, I’d just been offered a job, said yes and now I have a month to prepare myself before I enter into the workplace…So what did I do during this month off? Enjoyed my last days of freedom… kidding…

So after moving to the big smoke of Melbourne, buying a lot of professional attire and pretty much throwing away money like the Wolf of Wall Street, I was broke and ready to start my new job… no joke.

Firstly, let’s touch on the job I accepted. A graduate program is a essentially a job that focuses on getting you as much experience and training as possible whilst rotating throughout a range of business areas in a 12 month period. You have the ability to attend professional development workshops, exposure to a huge network and also 9 other graduates of which you can catch up with, vent to or just talk about what you did on the weekend. It’s a great program and I’m very fortunate to be in this position, oh and by the way 2018 Graduate program applications will open over the coming months so stay tuned!

My first rotation was in the La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary, where I was responsible for marketing & communication along with some ad-hoc projects like strategy development and product development. This was amazing, I got to work on events like the 50th Lawn Lunch (I developed table displays using native plants) and I managed a community planting day where we, the community, planted hundreds of plants!

What did you learn at university that has helped you to succeed in your current role? Good question!

Group projects… the two words every student hates, but I am going to be honest, they are the best thing for you. They teach you how to manage stakeholders (even if they are annoying team members), build communication skills, or if you’re the lazy team members… How to avoid work and annoy your colleagues… but don’t be that person.

I found as soon as I entered the workplace, all my tasks were dependent on someone else pulling their weight. So being a great communicator and overcoming adversity, even if it’s simply someone not responding to your emails, phone calls or texts. If you can work out ways to overcome those issues and still get group projects done, you’re kicking goals!

So next time you are struggling with a group assignment, think of it as a chance to work on your communication and problem solving abilities. If you can overcome challenges and still get stuff done, you’re already better prepared for when you enter the workforce!