A Series of Fortunate Events

So it’s week 6. It was Orientation Week yesterday and even I can’t work out where the time has gone. You all have about four assessments due and to add further insult, census date is this week. Overcoming the stress and deadlines of University is challenging and sometimes you need a study plan, an adviser or to become a permanent resident of the library.

Okay, so the library staff won’t be too happy if you move your bed in, but if you spend eight hours a day in there, I guarantee you’ll be knocking off those assessments!

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During my studies, specifically in my first year, I found myself with multiple assessments due at once. I had poor time management and couldn’t work out where I was going wrong. Okay, that’s a lie, I was spending too much time at social events and not enough time in classes.

So how do you overcome this? Or how did I overcome this? It’s really finding what works for you. I learned quickly that studying at home or on residence wasn’t working for me and I worked best without distractions or with music in order to focus on my work. So, where do go to escape the distractions of your social life, Facebook or even people?

The La Trobe Library is a fantastic starting spot, with designated levels allowing you to be involved in discussions or find a completely quiet area by only walking up a few flights of stairs. Plus, the coffee and toasties in Writer’s Block are also pretty good!

But, what if you need more than a quite study area? Workshops, SDAs and speaking with your lecturers are also a fantastic way to pinpoint areas of which you can improve. The College of ASSC is currently running a range of workshops including the “Better Your Grades” and “Weekday Workshops” which focuses on developing positive study habits!

I would highly recommend attending a workshop or speaking with an SDA if you are looking to “Better Your Grades” and reduce that stress level just a little!

For more information on the SDA (Student Development Advisers) or workshops visit the links below:

SDA: Student Development Advising Program

Better Your Grades: Better Your Grades Workshops

Weekday Workshops (email): assc.success@latrobe.edu.au

Thanks for Reading!