Employers are looking for people like you!

Attention bloggers!

According to employers, graduates who have a range of experiences such as volunteering are in high demand. Sometimes, undertaking activities such as volunteering and work experience is a lot easier than actually putting it into your CV or job applications. So how do you overcome this? Well, what if I told you that La Trobe has all the answers? Career Ready Advantage will help you track and record the activities you do now so, you can confidently tell your story to employers in the future.

So what is Career Ready?

This is a program designed to help you actively prepare for your life beyond La Trobe.  It is structured to make it easy to record and build on your experiences – through part time work, internships, volunteering, international experiences, professional involvement and whatever else you can do whilst you’re at university. You can also undertake learning experiences to build your skills in a range of areas, from business and digital acumen to cultural intelligence as well as unlock great rewards such as priority access to mentoring, and practice assessment centres.

To get started:

1. Download the MyLatrobe app.

2. Complete the Career Ready Orientation . There will be a prompt for this in the app, or you can go to directly to the LMS to learn how Career Ready Advantage works.

3. Once you have activated your participation in Career Ready Orientation, go to the Career Ready ‘Do’ section of the MyLaTrobe app, select and record your activity and reflect on your skill development.

For more information and advice on how you can participate in Career Ready Advantage, contact the La Trobe Career Ready team.

For more information on Career Ready services, visit http://www.latrobe.edu.au/students/careers/career-ready.