2017 College of ASSC Student Advisory Group (SAG)

39 students from across different campuses, year levels and disciplines made up the 2017 ASSC Student Advisory Group. These students volunteered their time to attend six meetings across the year where they shared feedback on their student experience; participated in various University led focus groups; and contributed to the ASSC College Student Transition, Achievement and Retention initiatives.

Their contributions have helped enhance communication with the student population with a focus on improving the student experience. Through their candid feedback, the group has positively impacted key university initiatives such as the mid-year and upcoming summer ASSC College, Orientation programs,the Career Advantage App, the Student Development Advisory program, and LTU 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Further, the SAG members contributed to the increased readership of our college Blog, with 23 personal stories shared across the year, facilitating connections between students in our college.

Paula Baron, Associate Professor Vice Chancellor, Coursework, ASSC College, attended the last meeting for the year acknowledging the members’ valued contributions throughout the year and presented eligible members with a Certificate of Appreciate and gift of thanks.

Moving forward the ASSC Student Advisory Group is now officially reflected in the College governance structure and will report to the College Executive and Academic Committees. This incorporates the opportunity for the group to meet with College Executive and/or Academic Committee once per semester.

It has been a wonderful year highlighted through member testimonials:

“My membership in Student Advisory Group has been one of the most wonderful experiences at La Trobe in 2017. Being part of the STAR team, I feel this experience has enriched me socially, culturally and has developed my team work skills. We discussed issues varying from academics to administration aspects as well as those little things that matter in UNI life. As a group, we were able to voice our suggestions and saw the changes happening which I think is remarkable to be a part of something big!”

We look forward to continuing the work this group has undertaken this year and welcoming new members into the fold in 2018.

If you are interested in applying, please click here to complete the online application form or contact Elisha Buffone, Student Development Adviser for further information.