Exams Over…Now What?

Now that exams are over, what on earth do I do?

I feel empty. Hollow. Shallow. Worried. Bored. Excited. Thrilled. Nervous. Sorta guilty but sorta excited.

This conundrum is not called starting uni. It has a far more sinister ring to it – holidays!

My exams are over, but can I really relax? Well, yes and no.

Yes, I can chill-out. Summer’s coming. The sun has decided to show up but never when I’m outside. I have all intention to spend my time wisely. And I choose the company of good food, great friends, annoying siblings and lots of coke. But before I can enjoy myself, I’m being plagued by conflicting feelings of immense joy and guilt/ inadequacy.

I think, one plausible way to overcome this, is to recognise and work on accepting my faults and mistakes during the semester. I made a lot of mistakes and while I am optimistic that I will pass, I may not achieve my targets and this is due to my mistakes in studying, revising and maybe because I have an attention span of a goldfish. It does not help that I lost a family member a day before the exam. Analyse yourself and your performance during the semester and exam. Accept the flaws and mistakes you’ve made. Write them down. Seek help and advice how to work on your flaws and also your strengths. Do not feel ashamed if you need help. The uni has services to help you cope with whatever life throws at you – be it many deadlines (that are on the same day) or the death of a family member.

You can spend summer working or job hunting or writing that perfect resume (my top tip is to check out CareerHub). Check out if uni is running any free workshops/ online modules and actively seek opportunities to volunteer or intern. For instance, InnoKids are seeking volunteers for a period of a month to deliver the project in selected schools. You could work on your own business or social business – seek the expertise of the people at Yunus Social Business Centre or other business students. Compete in business competitions. Take the initiative. It’ll work wonders…I think. Alternatively, you can spend time productively enjoying precious free time with your loved ones and balancing that with other competing priorities in life, such as which food to eat or which show to watch.


Whatever you do, relish it! Enjoy summer! And I hope this summer and the New Year will bring you good tidings, wealth and please pray that the gods of exams have decided to pass me and you.


Shanira Idrus is a 2nd year Marketing major and Elementary Chinese Student. She likes to eat and enjoy music and all the finer things in life. You can find her (occasionally) procrastinating in the library using Instagram and LinkedIn (shaniraidrus)