Did You Miss Us


So this semester we took our nap way too seriously and slept all the way through  the first half of the year.  And for that we are truly sorry.

However we are more awake than ever and extremely excited to come into Semester 2 and rejoin all of our wonderful viewers and subscribers.  As usual we are on the hunt for great stories written by our students at La Trobe University. If  you are a current or past student and would love to get your work out there please contact us via wiseassc@gmail.com.

We accept all types of submissions, so whether its an opinion piece, interview, fiction/non-fiction or any other form of work we would love to see it.

Please note that we do have guidelines in relation to word count and layout along with other aspects which are all listed on our Write For Us section.

We have some great things coming up this semester including new posts and team just to name a few, so there isn’t a better time to start writing for us or even just seeing what we are about (and if that doesn’t excite you, we will be giving away an iPad in one of our competitions).