Welcome back to semester two

Jessica Micallef begins her time interning at the Wise ASSC blog.

With the all too familiar sound of our alarm clocks at 6am, the immediate need for coffee to wake us up, and the horrendous morning peak hour traffic, we are forced back into reality. And that reality is semester two.

While we have survived the dreaded first week back of semester two with get to know you games at the beginning of every class and introductions to assessments, week two is a whole new different story. We might have our first assignment due in a few weeks or readings to complete before our next class, but our semester break that we just had already seems like a forever ago.

My name is Jessica Micallef and I am the new student intern here at the Wise ASSC blog for semester two 2018. I am a third year student studying a Bachelor in Media and Communications (Journalism), and like many students here at La Trobe University, I have quickly settled back into the routine that is known as university. I am finally in my last semester of studying and while the near distant future of graduation and job hunting is quite a scary thought, I still have 11 weeks of assessments, deadlines and to simply just be a student, before I am catapulted into the adult world.

Unlike many students who are often not sure of where they would like to end up after they receive their degree and throw their cap in the air after their graduation ceremony, I am quite confident I know where I would like to end up. Despite being told by many that it’s hard to get a job in journalism, or print journalism is a dying medium, I want to end up working in a newsroom, writing stories and getting them published. I have always loved writing and also with a love for fashion, I would ultimately love to work in the fashion journalism industry. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, because I am still a student for a little while and will probably not get into the fashion journalism industry straight away.

But being a student doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Yes we can be constantly stressed around assignment deadlines and for those who undertake exams, well that is another daunting challenge. But there is always a light at the end of these challenges, a feeling of accomplishment that yes, we finished these exams, or yes I graduated. So as students, whether it is your first year or sixth year, welcome the beginning of the new semester with a smile and perhaps even the motivation that once these next 11 weeks are completed, summer is just around the corner.

Speaking of students, we are calling students of La Trobe to contribute to our blog. Whether you are a budding journalist student like me who wants to get into the industry, or even if you studied abroad over the break and would love to tell fellow La Trobians about your experience, this blog is the perfect opportunity for you. We don’t need you to have any previous experience in writing, we just need you to have a good story to tell. Whether it is big or small, far or near, your story can be heard here at the Wise ASSC blog.

Send your contributions through to wiseassc@gmail.com


Jessica Micallef is a third year Media and Communications (Journalism) student at La Trobe University and interning at Wise ASSC. You can find her Twitter @jessmicallef19