Getting work experience- with incentives!

Over the course of your degree, you might come across having to complete an internship or placement. Whether it be a compulsory part of your degree, or something you want to do for yourself, internships and placements are definitely worth giving a go.

Internships and placements are designed to give you industry related experience in the field you want to pursue a career in. They can help you grow more interested in what you want to pursue, they can grow your confidence and of course, build up your resume to potentially help make the employment process a lot easier. However, internships and placements can often make you rethink your career choice – and that is more than okay because then you will know for sure you don’t want to work in that particular area.

Over my three year course I have completed one internship at my local newspaper and am currently in the midst of completing one now for this blog. To get into the journalism industry, prior experience is a must if we want to look good to future employers. But not only that, it gives us the big picture on what the industry is really like outside our university walls. And trust me, journalism at university is a whole lot different to journalism in the real world.

On a personal level, my internships, particularly the one working for my local newspaper have allowed me to really pinpoint what exact field in journalism I want to work in after I graduate. This made the whole daunting question of “What do you want to do after university” a whole lot easier to answer. My internships also gave me a greater confidence working in a professional environment and will hopefully make the transition from student to staff a whole lot easier.

On a professional level, they gave me skills such as time management, organisational, and being able to work in a professional environment and take initiative. Although you probably learn these skills over the course of your degree, the ability to apply these skills in the workplace is something worth trying in an internship before you start working full time. Also, after you have completed your internship, you can ask your supervisor to be a reference and if you left a good impression, then that is a huge bonus for yourself.

So if you are thinking of undertaking an internship or placement, I would definitely recommend it, especially since La Trobe University is offering students who undertake an internship or Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement during the summer semester one (5th November 2018 – 15th February 2019) to apply for an employment grant.

Valued at $1000, the grant is a one-off amount which can go towards the costs associated with your internship or placement.

Scholarship applications are only open for students enrolled in undergraduate courses (1st-5th year) in the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce (ASSC) and for students undertaking an approved unpaid internship as a part of their course.

To apply for an employment grant, complete the application form before the closing date Friday 28th September 2018.

Please download the information for applicants before completing your application.