Meet the ASSC winners from the LTSU awards!

ASSC wins at LTSU Awards night!

The La Trobe Student Union (LTSU) recently held their awards night and we are proud to say there were winners from the College of ASSC.

We would like to congratulate our very own Claire Kearns who won an LTSU Scholarship and Dr Roland Burke who won The Research Supervisor award for his work lecturing for the School of Historical and European Studies.

Claire thanks Dr Roland Burke and all the staff involved in making adjustments to help her succeed, including her honours coordinator Tim Jones.

Roland and Claire at LTSU awards

Throughout all the subjects and topics Claire has studied, she settled on history – even though this was not her strong suit – simply because of how the staff members treated her throughout her academic life.

Claire describes her achievement as a win for the department instead of personal win because of all the work the staff needed to do to help her succeed.

Dr Roland Burke won the Research Supervisor award for his work in making research supervision a viable option for all his students by going above and beyond in his commitment to provide support to his research students, whether they are on or off campus. As a supervisor, Roland has made his students feel supported, and ensured that they have been able to achieve their educational goals.

The Teaching Award was taken out by Eshan Arya, a sessional lecturer in business and management. Eshan was very happy and humbled that he had been nominated and felt a great sense of appreciation from his students who nominated him for the award. This nomination enabled him to feel more motivated in his line of work as he realised his work was being acknowledge from those around him.

Eshan had been nominated before but unfortunately wasn’t successful. Eshan started to feel like Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars. At this year’s awards, his father and wife were able to attend and having his family by his side made winning the award more special.

Eshan and his family.

Eshan is very thankful for his parents who he observed growing up with their innovative training and team management skills. He would also like to thank the teachers, lecturers and coaches he has worked with and have learnt various skills and techniques from under a diverse range of situations.

As a note to his students, Eshan is always thinking about the direct impact he has on the lives on his students. He wants his students to observe what he does and learn the ideals he preaches and practices. Eshan values inclusion, a bully-free environment, a non-biased equity and equality based environment, non-judgemental behaviour, catering for special needs, acknowledging diversity, embracing multiculturalism, constructive criticism and lastly, understanding the opposing point of view. With these core values, Eshan believes every classroom would be fun, creative and a constructive learning experience for all students.

Other winners include Bachelor of Creative Arts students, Laksmi Ganapathy and Alyssa Trombino, for the Student Theatre and Film Workshop Award, and Bachelor of Arts/Master of Teaching (Secondary) student, Helen Krionas for the Geoffrey Milne La Trobe Student Theatre and Film Writing Grant.

For a full list of the LTSU Awards winners, see the LTSU news.

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