Meet Your Head of School: Lynn Bosetti

Here at La Trobe University, there is a lot that goes on beyond the walls of your lecture theatre. The Wise ASSC Blog is completing a series that allows you to meet the Head of Schools within the ASSC College – to give students a glimpse into what it’s like running a School.

Meet Lynn Bosetti, the Head of the Education School.

It’s a busy life, being a Head of School at La Trobe University. “You come into work and you have a packed agenda of things you have to do, with back to back meetings. The day often gets interrupted by other kinds of everyday factors that require time and attention.”

But Lynn is mindful that everything gets done and making sure that as the Head of School, she upholds her duties and roles. “As Head of School, I provide strategic direction for the school about where we’re going, to motivate staff and encourage everyone to get on board” she says.

Lynn Bosetti

Most students attend university to attain a career in a certain field of their choice. Lynn is passionate in ensuring that the School of Education at La Trobe University has the right offerings for students, to equip them with the knowledge that is needed to gain successful employment after their studies and to feel like they’ve opened their horizons to see the world differently.

“The future is really driven by being responsive to the marketplace, ensuring our programs are not only compliant with the regulatory environments, but also making sure that students are prepared for the market and what employers want.”

The overall student experience at La Trobe University is very important to Lynn. She believes that having the right faculty members and ensuring they are positively engaged in teaching students is what contributes to a positive and exciting student experience.

“I am very interested in the student experience and ensuring they have high quality programs, and experiences wrap around care so they feel connected and supported in their journey.”

She also cares about the experience of the staff, “Great faculty members, when they’re happy, feel motivated and engaged in research, become really good, inspiring teachers.”

But one thing Lynn would like to see happen to further improve the student experience at La Trobe University is having more connection between students and the Heads of School.

“Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of direct connection with the students. Even the organised structure of this building limits that. You need an access card to get into the administration suite – I feel really blocked from the free flow of staff and students. As Head of School I need to find more opportunities to actually hear from students, their experiences – that’s really important,” she says.

The Wise ASSC blog thanks Lynn for taking the time to talk to us. Stay tuned for our next interview with Nick Bisley, the Head of School for Humanities and Social Sciences.