The lucky 100th subscriber!

The Wise ASSC Blog met with the lucky 100th subscriber, Dilasha Shah, who won a brand new iPad.

One of the main things Dilasha loves about the Wise ASSC blog is the fact it allows her to connect to the university in a way that is different to her regular tutorials and lectures.

Dilasha with her new iPad

Dilasha enjoys reading about the useful stories that appear on the blog which include any events happening around the university, tips and advice for studying and hearing that students can give feedback – giving students the ability to share their voice.

This is Dilasha’s first semester at La Trobe. This however has not stopped her from joining clubs and societies. One of the clubs she is a part of is the famous Dumbledore Society for all raging Harry Potter fans.

Having being born and raised in Nepal, Dilasha finds her life similar to the one she was living in Nepal. She described Melbourne’s weather as very similar to Nepal’s, however Melbourne is very unpredictable. After arriving in Australia only three months ago, Dilasha has come to love the friendliness of people in Melbourne, including the people here at La Trobe University.

After completing her Bachelor in Nepal, Dilasha says that the learning experiences here in Melbourne is more practical, with better infrastructure. She also appreciates how the professors offer tid bits about the work they are doing, as well as giving practical information about their particular field that will help them in the future.

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