Meet Your Head of School: Jane Hamilton

Our meet your Head of Schools series continues with Jane Hamilton.

Meet Jane Hamilton, the Head of the School of Business

While being the Head of a School can be a very demanding and busy job, Jane Hamilton is always ensuring the student experience at La Trobe University is their main goal as the students are at the heart of the campus.

“That’s the ultimate thing that we’re here for,” she said.

“Final decisions are made at academic meetings … with all these decisions in one way or the other affecting the overall student experience, [whether it be] the course the student does or the policies that govern how we do things.”

“Without students there’s no university.”

Jane spoke about her recent trip to China and how being the Head of a School is always about trying to make university life better than what it already is.

“[I went to China] for the purpose of talking to universities there about joint collaborations and whether their students would be interested in coming here to do post grad courses,” she said.

“Looking at designing new courses here, to managing staff to thinking about how we can promote the school … it’s very varied and interesting.”

Jane Hamilton

The responsibilities of being the Head of a School at La Trobe University is also about looking after over “100 permanent staff and 100 casual staff”. Jane is cautious that every decision made by her and her faculty affects every single staff member, as well as the thousands of students in the Business School. With these decisions once again linked back to students receiving the best experience they can.

“They’re all individual people with different backgrounds, different interests. Some are studying the same programs but they’re all individuals and they all have needs, so we have to do our best to make sure that they get a good experience when they’re here and learn what they came to do and be challenged,” she said.

Jane is always looking at ways to improve her school. In the Business School, it is a matter of looking how the jobs in the real world have changed and the ability to adapt to these changes to ensure their students are equipped with what they need to enter the workforce.

“It’s a constant process of looking at what’s happening in the world of business. What are the demands that businesses are facing and therefore what jobs they will need people to do and how will they need them to do that. And then you go from there to designing our courses in this particular way,” she said.

“We are in the process now of putting some new programs together that we think are answering those sort of needs as well as keeping true to our discipline, but the way it’s happening now.”

“[We] design the best education experience for the students that come to us.”

One thing for sure is that being the Head of School, it will always be a “different thing every moment.”

Stay tuned for our next meeting with Patrick Keyzer, the Head of School of Law.

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