ASSC Student Advisory Group is calling you!

What is the ASSC Student Advisory Group?

What can it do for you?

And most importantly how can you get involved and give your opinion in a forum that really matters?

Jo Rattray-Wood, Bachelor of Law/Psychological Science student, tells the Wise ASSC blog about her experience of the ASSC Student Advisory Group and explains how you can get involved.

The ASSC Student Advisory Group (SAG) is a student forum that gives feedback and ideas regarding various issues, programs and suggestions around the university. That’s right, the opportunity for you to give your feedback on everything La Trobe.

Why am I telling you this? Because you now have the opportunity to register your interest for 2019!

I have personally been a part of the ASSC SAG for 2 years now. During that time I have got to hear talks from various people who work at LTU in different areas. Most recently the SAG team got to meet LTU’s very own Customer Service Director, Ben Oxford, (the first to be appointed to this role by a university in Australia) and provide feedback for proposed changes to the exam timetable.

ASSC SAG members with Ben Oxford

There are a great number of benefits from joining ASSC SAG for a relatively small time commitment. It is a fantastic way to meet like-minded students and get involved with university. The time commitment is just 6 meetings spaced evenly across the year, only 90 minutes each. Each meeting covers different topics – sometimes a hot lunch is even provided! (Did someone say free food? Can I get a “hell yeah”!?)

Some of the tasks you will get to be involved with include;

  • Advising our awesome STAR team (Student Transition, Achievement and Retention) to promote the student-centred functioning of LTU
  • Giving feedback on student experience
  • Proposing and responding to ideas that promote student access to support services available at LTU
  • Discussions about proposed changes within the university, enabling you to give your opinion where it counts

The ASSC SAG wants students from all walks of life, all ages and at all stages in their education at La Trobe. This enables the team to get the best cross-section of students on board so that all students are represented in the group.

Whether you are undergraduate or postgraduate, domestic or international, regional or city based, involved with equity or on a learning access plan, even if you are a cat or a dog person – we want you!

You can register your interest, tell us why you want to get involved, and the STAR team will get in contact. If you want to hear a bit more about ASSC SAG, check out our video below.

Jo Rattray-Wood is a travel enthusiast and a lover of all things dog related. She is currently studying a Double Bachelor of Law/Psychological Science in Austria. You can find photos of her dogs and travels on Instagram @jorattraywood or Linkedin at

ASSC SAG members invite you!