An Insider’s Guide to Graduation

End of December means we are celebrating the last round of graduations for the year. Master of Marketing student, Alvaro Fuentes, gives the Wise ASSC blog a behind-the-scenes look at the excitement of graduation day. It’s 6am, the sky is still dark.   It’s quite difficult to rise early during semester break. However, today is a special day for some students and I’m invited to the party. It’s been one year since I started as … Continue reading An Insider’s Guide to Graduation

Reflections on finishing at La Trobe

Malshani Perera, Master of Business Analytics student from Sri Lanka, talks to the Wise ASSC blog about what it feels like to finish her course.   I started my Master of Business Analytics course in February 2017 and I can’t believe it has come to the end. Not only the end of the course, but also the end of university student life, which makes me sad to leave. The first few months were the hardest in terms of dealing with … Continue reading Reflections on finishing at La Trobe