Another year coming to a close

The year is ending, but here at the Wise ASSC blog, we are gearing up for more stories with our new summer team!

As another year is now coming to a close for many, and we can hear the familiar sounds of summer just around the corner, let’s all take a moment for those who have to complete summer subjects.

My name is Eleanor Campbell, and I am currently finishing off my third year in a Bachelor of Media and Communications (Journalism). Over this coming summer, I will be interning with the Wise ASSC blog, and sharing stories and information about summer and everything that will be coming up in the New Year.

Whilst my time at La Trobe may be coming to an end soon, it still excites me to share everything that I have learnt over here, not only in the classroom but outside as well. Group work for one thing is inevitable, but why not take advantage of it. My biggest regret is that I didn’t try to continue my connections with those I was studying closely with for certain subjects, and not utilising the dreaded group assignments to the best of my ability. They really aren’t all that bad, if you get a good group that is.

The connections and friends you make at University are often said to be the friends you have for life, especially if you are all studying a similar course or subject. As I begin to start thinking about my future and all the life choices I soon will have to be making, I think of what everyone else is doing in their life and asking around to see what their goals are. Sharing personal goals and ideas with those around you, seems to be the best way to go when motivating myself to get up and do something to enhance my future career prospects. Even though if you were to ask me today, I still wouldn’t be able to give you a clear idea of what I want to achieve after my studies are done. I would, however, be able to still give a response that makes you believe I know what I am wanting to do with my coming years.

Deciding what to do with your future can be daunting for some, whilst others always seem to know exactly what they want to do. Utilising the facilities at University is probably the best advice I have to offer for those starting this coming year. There is so much that La Trobe University has to offer its students, but sometimes you don’t realise until it’s too late. Living on campus in my first two years at University showed me some of the ins and out of what was on offer, but after already moving from Albury to Melbourne, I became overwhelmed and didn’t take advantage of everything available to me. University is a time to expand your horizons and step out of your comfort zone.

Hopefully throughout my time with the Wise ASSC blog this summer, you will learn a bit about me, but I’d like to learn a bit about you too. So if you have something to share don’t be afraid to write it and send it through, because I’m sure, like so many others, we’d be able to relate to it.

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