The best thing about summer is… a chance to reboot!

Semester 2 has ended, summer has started, and the good news doesn’t stop there! We’re stoked to announce that Claire Kearns has won our Summer Writers Competition! Read on to find out what makes her Australian summer special. 

The best thing about an Australian summer is the striking contrast of bold colours which starkly permeate our realities. Bronze, red, black, gold, pink, vivid blues and purples. The button goes off and we wind down. No more insipid crawl on the number 86 tram, inching towards Bundoora. No more inane lines for books, ATMs, taxis, pens, help.  

Summer brings a chance to reboot and replenish and enjoy the array of colours. Time to unwind and catch up on Netflix shows, movies and seeing friends that you have not seen since week 7 of Semester 1. 

Yet, for all the wonder of colours and smells and vibrant experiences on offer… I’m about to get painfully boring and point out: don’t stop doing uni in the months off. Yeah, I know. Freedom. Colour. The End of Monotony. Bye bye to hours upon hours lost on an end of Semester essay for which you only gained a C, when you were certain it warranted more. The need to just chill is so incredibly alluring. 

Yes, it’s so easy to slip off the stress, the workload, the never-ending brain drain. Completely. Utterly. GONE.  

One thing I will never regret doing is summertime reading. Pick something from your discipline and read it. Even if it’s not from a booklist. Watch a movie that has something remotely to do with your faculty. See an art exhibit. Learn a language. Travel. Take notes. Bookmark pages. Start a journal. A blog – even if it’s only published for yourself. 

The ads for La Trobe tell us we’re all kinds of clever. If you want to find the best within yourself, have a summer that is worthwhile, where you keep learning. Where you learn something more than how close to Bob Hawke’s beer sculling record you can possibly come; or maintaining your crown as your household’s Undefeated Beer Pong Champion of The World. (Yes, I just wrote that with an earworm of the dulcet tones of Michael Buffer imploring me to rumble). 

A worthwhile summer will come back to haunt you. You’ll find yourself referencing something you saw/wrote/experienced in a tutorial or seminar. You’ll be that much more in the mood to keep studying, not keep partying. Make sure you have a great summer – but make sure it also helps you reach your dreams.

Claire Kearns, graduating Honours student, who loves the Star Wars Universe and Marvel movies. You can follow her on Instagram at