From Clubs and Societies to LTSU President

Abood Shehada, studying a Bachelor of Accounting, is starting the new year as President of the La Trobe Student Union.

Abood is going to be the new face of the La Trobe Student Union in 2019, and the Wise ASSC blog had the privilege of speaking to him about his personal experience with the Student Union and how it has transpired into him becoming President.

Here at Bundoora the student union has over 90 clubs and societies, which Abood decided to get involved with. Whilst not only being a part of ‘Dumbledore’s army,’ Abood has also been running one of the charity groups on campus known as ‘Two birds, One Scone.’ The club is a group of volunteers who collect the leftover food from cafes at La Trobe and take it into the city to feed the homeless and those less fortunate.  After being a part of these clubs, Abood then decided to start volunteering for the student union.

Abood (top right) with members from the La Trobe Student Union.

Abood had been volunteering with the Student Union for a year and a half before he decided to run for an elective role. After being the editor in chief for the Rabelais, Abood became used to speaking for the students and making sure all students’ opinions and ideas are considered. When it comes to making changes “students are in the room when decisions are being made, and the policies that are being produced or changed continue to benefit them.”

Whilst being President, Abood hopes to introduce services that run more often for the students and make the connection between Bundoora and the regional campuses stronger, through “expanding the activities that happen out on the regional campuses.” He also hopes to start a Clubs and Societies group out in the regional campuses because he believes “something like that would benefit them.”

“I honestly think one of the best things about the Student Union is the clubs and societies program. It allows you to meet so many people.”

After his one year term in Presidency comes to an end, along with his Bachelor of Accounting, Abood wishes to further his studies with a potential degree in International Relations.

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