Workshop: Better Your Grades!

Although appearing to be a stressed, sleep-deprived, coffee-addicted ball of angst seems to be in vogue for university students, it actually isn’t mandatory. There is an alternative.

Across February and March, La Trobe University is lending a helping hand to all its frazzled and frantic students. Workshops that provide practical tips about studying effectively, managing your time, taking notes and using university services are here to save the day. Five identical sessions are set to run on the following dates between 12pm-1pm:

Monday 4th February (TLC114)

Thursday 14th February (Webinar)

Thursday 21st February (TLC114)

Wednesday 6th March (TLC114)

Thursday 14th March (Webinar)

That’s right, there are even webinars, so you can learn how to get your life together from the comfort of the same bed that (if you’re anything like me) you won’t leave to get to lectures on time. Better yet, no one will even see you go, so you don’t need to be worried about people knowing you actually put effort into uni.

Learning how to study properly will save your time, grades and sanity. It will help you to do better work, more quickly and with less stress and burnout. It will mean that you can go to that party, take up that hobby or meet that friend without feeling guilty, stressed or worried because the deadline for a neglected assignment is breathing down your neck.

What’s not to like?

If I had attended a workshop like this earlier, it probably would have saved me from participating in the dangerous and extreme sport of submitting essays to Turnitin seconds before they’re due. It is not a pastime I would recommend.

Do not follow in my footsteps. Go to the workshops, pay attention, avoid my dire fate.

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