Regional Student Stories: Bendigo

Jayden, who is originally from Richmond Hill in Canada, is currently a student at La Trobe University in Bendigo, studying a Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning.

Jayden has lived in Australia for 16 years and hasn’t looked back. Enrolling at La Trobe in Bendigo was definitely the best choice for him, as it was close to his home and job in Bendigo. Studying a Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning, as well as being involved with the Bendigo Student Association, Jayden has learnt a lot about what the Bendigo campus has to offer students.

“The benefits of being at La Trobe Bendigo is that the campus is smaller, which in turn allows you to become closer with your classmates and in turn help each other out when uni starts getting really tough.” For Jayden, making these new friends is all a part of the student experience, they help to get you through more, whilst being at a larger campus, “you might get the feeling of being alone.”

Starting university is a different experience for everyone and for Jayden, he found that the style of how the lecturers taught was quite difficult to grasp at first. “I think it was the lack of hand-holding that did catch most people off guard including myself. But once you got the hang of it, it wasn’t so bad.”

Jayden has found that through his time at La Trobe he has also become “half decent” at writing pieces about issues and topics that we are facing in our world today. This has become a skill that Jayden has utilised when debating with others.

His number one tip is to “not give up in exam/essay crunch periods of the year. As bad as your poorly organised class or that mixed module course may be, it is such a great feeling to be free from its grasp after you submit that piece.”

Keep healthy and study in intervals so you can keep that way.”

After his studies, Jayden hopes to get a position in a local council, and eventually progress into politics.

Stay tuned for another student experience from the regional campus of Albury-Wodonga.