Let La Trobe support you

At La Trobe, there is support that is provided to help us make the most of our studies and our time on campus.

In the upcoming weeks you will notice that in the Agora at Bundoora, a new security and services hub will be opening up. La Trobe has introduced this new space for better security and to make students feel more comfortable and safe in their surroundings. You will find it on the corner opposite the library, next to the old Co-op.

At Bundoora, Bendigo and Albury-Wodonga campuses, if you are travelling alone or you’re in an area that you don’t feel comfortable in, you are encouraged to call La Trobe’s UNI-Safe escort. You simply might be walking from the library to your car, or across campus to your accommodation, the security team is always happy to come escort you safely to your car. It is 24/7 and they will come to assist you. Save the number in your phone or write it down in your wallet, call it any time you are alone or feel unsafe.

For Bundoora students, don’t forget about the glider services that also run 24/7 during the semester. There are a number of different stops across the campus that the glider will pick you up from. You can always call the glider on 03 9479 2012 if you need to be picked up from anywhere on the campus after 9:30 pm. The service unfortunately doesn’t run 24/7 during the summer or winter break, but is available during the day.

For anyone who has experienced a traumatic event or just needs someone to talk to, there are counselling services available. Whether it be a family, friend, work, or uni related issue, there is always someone there to listen. No issue is too big or too small, everything matters, and if it is affecting you then it’s worth booking an appointment to simply have a chat. The sessions are free, they are here at Uni and they might just help. You can do it face-to-face, via telephone or Skype, whichever way you feel most comfortable with. If you wish to have a face-to-face, all you need to do is call the number for your campus, and make an appointment.

Support at La Trobe doesn’t stop there. There is also a range of facilities to help you to kick-start your career options either during or after you finish your studies. The Careers Hub, located on level 2 of the Agora with drop-in service at the City Campus, offers assistance in creating your perfect resume for your future job prospects. The careers hub has a number of experts to support you to develop your career readiness, and prepare you for all the processes involved when applying for a position. They have also just introduced the Career Ready Advantage Award, to give you Professional Learning, Practical Experience and help you develop a Career Portfolio.

Don’t forget that the library is also open 24 hours throughout the semester. ASK La Trobe is also located on the bottom floor of the library, with people to asssist you if you are having problems with your timetable, class allocation, course transfers or any other questions you may have regarding your degree. There is also online learning support and programs that help students to learn great tips, try out current skills and get linked to more help.

Important Numbers:

Emergency – 000

La Trobe Security – (03) 9479 2222

Counselling – (03) 9479 2956

After-Hours Counselling – 1300 687 327

Ask La Trobe – 1300 LA TROBE (1300 52 8762)