Third time is a charm

Rhiannon is our new intern at the Wise ASSC blog! In this post, she shares a little about her journey so far as she starts her final year at La Trobe.

My name is Rhiannon and I am the new intern at the WISE ASSC blog! 

Throughout my time here I will share experiences that I have had through my time at university, while also keeping you all up to date with upcoming events.

I am currently going into my final year of a degree in media and communications, with a background in creative writing and major in journalism

It’s true, I spent a lot of time bouncing around trying to find what I wanted to do with my life. I completed my Diploma in Childcare, before deciding to study creative and professional writing at La Trobe in Bendigo. I then made the decision to come to Bundoora for the Media and Communication degree that would widen my knowledge and expand the opportunities available when I graduated. All this chopping and changing degrees, while frustrating at first, has allowed me to bring new ideas and a different perspective to the things I do in my life. 

I was incredibly nervous when I first got to university. I moved onto campus and was an hour away from my family, plus most of my friends had taken a gap year or gone to a different campus. As an introvert, it took me a while to get up the courage at O-week to introduce myself to people and I found that my Residential Assistant or RA was incredibly helpful, and she introduced me to people she knew were feeling the same. Overtime I felt comfortable and made new friends. While it was overwhelming at first, it gradually became easier as I realised that most people were trying to do the same thing. 

Being in a residential college definitely made uni a little easier. Living on campus has enabled me to meet a variety of different people studying a wide range of subjects. Even though my room mates are studying different courses from me, they have been able to help me develop my knowledge on subjects that I was writing on for class. This is one of the best things about making connections at university- your classmates, roommates and friends are the experts that you can use now and later on in the future. 

I’m hoping that after graduation I will be able to write for a variety of different literary publications and for some of the regional newspapers where I grew up. Obviously, like most graduates I want a steady job that I love. However, I’m still toying around with the possibility of freelancing. 

Who knows what the future will hold.

Over the next few weeks I hope to not only share some of my experiences but those of others as well. I hope that you find this blog a useful place to come and find out new information and learn from others studying here at LaTrobe.