Intern at the Wise ASSC Blog!

Time is flying by and here at the Wise ASSC blog we are looking for a new intern to join us as the Student Editor for semester two 2019! 

If you have an interest in writing and what’s going on in the La Trobe community, then this is the internship for you! 

My first 6 weeks of this internship have been amazing, especially since I got the chance to talk to students at O-Week about what the blog could do for them.

I am part of an incredible team who take the time and effort to explain how things work across the university and how students can get more involved with decisions being made by their respective colleges.

This laid back, friendly environment is a fantastic place to spend my time and develop my skills. So far, I have been able to incorporate ideas and techniques that I have been taught in my classes and apply them to my blog posts. The creative aspect of blogging is wonderful, as I can step outside of the journalism structure for a while.

Interning with the blog has enabled me to seek out different student experiences across the campus. Through my series posts, I have found some wonderful places to go on campus that I didn’t know about before. I have been able to create published content from briefs and from ideas we discuss in meetings. This really is a fantastic way to get your work out there and interact with the La Trobe community at the same time.

For more insight into what interning for the blog can be like, check out Jessica and Eleanor’s experiences of interning with the blog.

To apply, send your application through to Jade Sleeman by the 28th April 2019.