Joining the ASSC Student Advisory Group

Had an idea to improve the way that students experience university? 

Want to get more involved with the ASSC College and the La Trobe community? 

These are two things that the ASSC Student Advisory Group are achieving!  

Established to get student feedback on transition, retention and student achievement, the ASSC Student Advisory Group is all about student input.   

Wise ASSC has previously heard about the experience of participating in the Student Advisory Group, but this year I have newly joined the group and will be able to report first hand on what the group does.

The members of the 2019 ASSC College Student Advisory Group are working together with members of the Student Transition, Achievement and Retention (STAR) team to bring their ideas to the heads of ASSC College. 

The group meets six times a year (3 meetings per semester) and work together to provide feedback using a variety of different methods.

Alongside the feedback aspect, the STAR team have arranged a variety of different guest speakers to address the group on topics that stretch right across the university. For example, we heard from the Manager of Student Communications, Colum Coomey, about new strategies for keeping students updated, including the new MyLaTrobe social media channels.

The four ASSC College schools: Law, Business, Education, Humanities & Social Sciences are widely represented by advisory group members across the La Trobe campuses. There are many different reasons to join the student advisory group.

Katelyn, a Law and Psychology student joined the student advisory group because she “…wanted to do more with the university.” Katelyn already works with international students but believes that she will be able to get new ideas from the advisory group, therefore “… helping everyone overall.”

Studying her Masters of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Miro joined the group to contribute more to the university community. Miro says that she wants to “… communicate with other people, especially local students.” Through these meetings Miro hopes to be be able to connect local and international students and assist them with any issues that arise.

At our first meeting I learned about a whole new range of disciplines. This diversity allowed new ideas and experiences to flourish, plus aired tried and tested solutions to everyday problems that students face. As a group we were able to discuss issues found within the enrollment process and offer suggestions on how to handle them. The meeting was a great forum to air thoughts on things that I had never really thought about before.

Students were able to discuss openly their experience with dealing with different processes within the university. There was also examples of students who had received more information about a change within a course than others. This discrepancy in communication, is an example of the kind of feedback the college is looking for. With so many students experiencing different things, having a group identify where information is getting lost will enable them to improve the way the university works with its students.

From the first meeting, it was clear that this is a group of students and La Trobe staff focused on improving student experiences. 

If you would like to join the ASSC College Student Advisory Group, register here.