La Trobe’s Hidden Gems: Therapy

Need to heat up your lunch or just want a snack?  

Need a place where you can sit down and have a chat, study or pick up a copy of the latest Rabelais magazine. Then this is the place to go.  

Sitting snuggly on the west side of the Agora, between Westpac and Grafali’s Coffee Roaster, is Therapy. A larger than life store with everything you could want and more. 

With an entire wall and a half dedicated to those wonderful things called microwaves, you’re sure to get your lunch hot within a reasonable time. While you’re waiting, why not peruse the shelves for something that tickles your taste buds’ fancy. There are chips here, lollies and chocolate there, plus drinks and access to Grafali’s through a nifty little window. It really does have everything you could want. 

In addition to its many many food and drink options, Therapy pulls off a great retro vibe, with screens adding privacy and blocking out some of the sound from the Agora.

There’s a variety of different seating options as well. With individual stools, group tables and booths to relax with friends, Therapy is not as small as it seems from the outside. Sure to fill up quickly, this is one place that is first come, first served.  

If you know any gems you think people should know about on your campus, let us know by emailing!