Study Success: Exam Strategies

Exam time can be one of the most the most stressful times of the university calendar. As one of the most overwhelming times of the year, stress can really take a hold of you. However, there are ways that you can minimise the impact of anxiety on your life and the exam itself.

So, what can you do to ease the work load and make the most out the semesters final weeks and SWOTVAC?

One thing you can do is sign up for the final installment in the #How2uni student workshops for semester one. Like the previous sessions, this one will focus on all things exams. Providing you with tips and tricks to maintain a helpful study schedule and helping to relieve some of that pre-exam anxiety. This workshop is the first step in taking control of stress and study.

The Seven Strategies To Sitting Your Exams Workshop is being held in library room 1.34 and via ZOOM link on Monday the 27th May at 12pm.  

Alongside getting ready for exams, you need to allow for unexpected events and time for breaks to clear your mind. This is paramount not only to your results but to your well being as well.  

It’s time to start thinking, if you hadn’t been already, about the next few weeks and making the most out of them.

More information about preparing for your exams, in addition to the workshop can be found on the achie✅e@uni’s site. 

Register now to secure your place!

If you haven’t checked it yet, find your exams on the exam timetables  for each campus.