How Student Feedback Surveys Benefit Students

In your university inbox, you should have received an email from inviting you to complete subject evaluations.

This is one of the best ways to provide constructive feedback to the university about your learning experiences.

But what does that mean and why is it important?

The university values the feedback it gets from students, as it enables them to understand how the subjects are working. The more constructive you are in your feedback the better the improvement of the overall quality of the subject will be.

With surveys closing on Sunday 26th May, there is less than a week left to share your ideas and feedback. Taking around two to four minutes to complete, they really take no time at all.

The bonus for students is, with the completion of these surveys, classes that you will undertake in the future will have received feedback from previous students. This means that subjects will have been designed with knowledge of what students struggled with and what they really enjoyed about it, helping to set up an interesting subject for you.

These surveys are designed to be able to give an overview of how you felt and learned during the subject. Even if you’ve had a bad experience, providing just negative comments won’t help future students undertaking it.

A great way to give constructive feedback is to include ideas about how things could be done differently. For example you could say, “I struggled to understand (a concept in your subject) and would have benefited from more discussion on it.”

This pinpoints the issue and provides a solution at the same time. By making it clear, feedback can be compiled easily and taken into account.

That being said, these surveys are kept completely confidential with the university making privacy a top priority.

So check your emails and send in that feedback to help make the subjects at La Trobe great for everyone!