Need A Place To Study?

It’s finally here, the end of semester one.

While classes come to an end, the time for study is ramping up with final assessment dates and exams looming.

With students flocking to the library for study groups and individual work, it can sometimes be difficult to find the space that you’re looking for.

Everybody has different ways of studying. Some can focus in amongst a whole lot of noise and some need quiet. Across the university, there are many buildings that have excellent study spaces.

From indoor to outdoor, we all have our favourite study spaces that work best for us. It might be the place that is surrounded by comfy couches or a spot with access to microwaves, the perfect space will be different for each student.

So, I thought that I would share with you all some of my favourite places.

While these are only a small few of the spaces on offer around campus, hopefully you are able to find a space that suits you.

Good luck with those exams and final assessments! And don’t forget, there is lots of support available for helping you get the best result on your exam!