La Trobe’s Hidden Gems: Sustainability Walk

Sustainability is a huge part of everyday life. As we learn more about climate change and what we can do to lessen our impact on the environment. Here at La Trobe, sustainability is a primary focus in everything that they do.

Along with these targets are projects like the eco-corridor Nangak Tamboree that protects biodiversity and connects the surrounding communities.

Encouraging staff and students to use sustainable transport is another area La Trobe is focusing on. By providing car pool and car sharing schemes, access to various public transport systems and encouraging cycling to and around campus play a big part in lowering the emissions. With initiatives like the bike share program and the bikers brekkie, there are many benefits to be gained by getting involved. 

On the Bundoora campus, a selection of environmental initiatives have been grouped together and made into an easy walk, that allows the community to contribute and explore the campus at the same time. 

The sustainability walk is around 2.05km long and goes around most of the campus, making a great way to see all the campus has to offer.  

The ten stops consist of: 

Thomas Cherry Bus Stop 

Green wall at the library 

Library recycling hub 

Bike share stations 

Sylvia Walton building 

Significant trees 

Flora and fauna on campus 

Waste station 

Community garden 

La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary 

While there are currently only ten marked on the map at the moment, there are many more initiatives being employed across all the campuses. 

You can help lower the emissions at the university by taking the sustainability pledge and doing your part around campus.