ASSC Student Advisory Group Making A Difference

For most of semester one, the ASSC College Student Advisory Group have been smashing out outcomes left, right and centre. Throughout the past few months, we’ve been working hard with the college to implement new ideas and develop others.  

Across each of the campuses, both university wide and campus specific actions are being taken. With recent discussions held between the Advisory Group, College Executive Committee and College Academic Committee members, more outcomes are still to follow.  

Bendigo Campus

Bendigo students brought to the Advisory Group’s attention the lack of tables in the business lounge for study. After this discussion, the STAR team was able to put in a request to the relevant department of the university. Then the tables were delivered in March this year! 

Bendigo Business Lounge

They also had concerns about the lack of spaces to charge laptops in the library. As a result of discussions with the library services division, a trial consisting of six portable battery charging units will be available for loan.  

Bundoora Campus

As La Trobe moves towards a sustainable future, students have been working on their own projects to help the environment. With the help of the STAR team, the Bundoora campus has now got two bins in the foyer of the Agora Theatre and Agora Cinema. These bins are for the collection of bottle caps, which are then passed on to Envision Helping Hands to turn into prosthetic limbs for under-privileged countries. 

Recycling bin for bottle caps near the Agora Theatre

City Campus 

Student Advisory Group members from City campus have been working hard to create more opportunities for social events for students to get to know each other better. With the STAR team and LTSU, they have been able to organise a variety of different social events.  

End of Semester City catch up

Meanwhile across all campuses, timetabling was a common issue that the students brought to the STAR team. Some students advised that they weren’t being informed of class cancellations until two weeks before they were supposed to commence. We also brought to attention the need for more alternative tutorial times. Along with this was the concern about the lack of gaps between some students’ classes, with some students experiencing six hours of class in a row. 

The format of the Allocate Plus program was also brought into the discussion. Students suggested that the system be able to send instant messages if classes were cancelled. As a result, the Timetable Taskforce was set in place to continue to work with students and staff to improve the experience of the Allocate Plus program. Thus far the timetabling taskforce have been working to organise for the annual timetable and preference mode to open earlier.

Student Advisory Group members from Bundoora campus

In a timetabling case, the introduction of a core subject that was only offered in the winter semester period as an intensive was brought up as an issue for students to complete the subject and maintain their commitments. Due to this being brought to the attention of the ASSC College by the group, the subject is now being re-worked into being offered at different times of the year to accommodate students.

These are just some of the tasks that members of the ASSC Student Advisory Group have been working on, with many more aspects of university life that both students and staff are striving to develop across all the campuses. This feedback ranges from infrastructure at the university, to the feedback the students are given on their assignments. The advisory group hears all ideas and aims to produce explanations to make processes clearer for all or an additional way to undertake the tasks.

Joining the ASSC Student Advisory Group has been a great way to become more involved in the La Trobe community and make a difference.

Stay tuned for more on what the Student Advisory Group has been achieving!

If you would like to join the ASSC College Advisory Group, register your interest here.