Fair Trade at La Trobe

From August 2-15 we are celebrating Fair Trade Fortnight! So get involved to help create more sustainable communities for farmers in developing nations.

It is not often that we think deeply into simple purchases such as a coffee or a book. But here at La Trobe we recognise the importance in making a difference and doing our part to contribute to a fair social, economic and environmental world.  

Fair Trade is a third-party system that focuses on producing better prices, working conditions, local sustainability and fair trade for farmers and workers. Their aim is to achieve a better lifestyle for farmers in developing countries.

La Trobe is a part of this growing international movement, and aims to empower disadvantaged workers and farmers to access a more sustainable life through their employment and regular income.

Fairtrade aims to provide better arrangements for farmers and workers by striving towards:

  • providing a fair and stable price for their goods
  • securing of long-term contracts for their workers
  • investing in local community development
  • improving working conditions
  • adopting environmentally sustainable farming methods
  • gain skills that are needed in the global economy

Since 2010, the staff and students at La Trobe have been accredited by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand. Through this, the university has committed itself to upholding a range of sustainable and ethical responses through Fair Trade. Such things involve sourcing ethically responsible products on all of the La Trobe campuses.

Did you know that ALL tea, coffee and hot chocolate which is purchased by the University are Fairtrade certified?!

In 2013, there were around 77% of retailors at the Melbourne campus that provide Fair Trade options- so chances are, you’ve been a part of this change without even knowing! Products such as tea, coffee, confectionery and clothing are all included in this.

Check out the table below to see what Fair Trade products you’ve been purchasing!

To find out more about Fair Trade and what they do, head over to their website.