How to Source an Industry Placement Workshop

You can’t beat real-life experience.  Whether you’re in an arts, science or business degree, reaching out and finding your own industry placement is a worthwhile experience that will give you a competitive edge after graduating.

Knowing your content is all good and well- and super important! But can you put it into practice in a real-life situation? This is the question all employers are asking, so you are sure to stand out in the crowd if you can show that you can do so.

All La Trobe students are welcome to come and join this FREE industry placement workshop at the Bundoora campus.  This is a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new and exciting.

Through this workshop you can learn many tips and tricks on how to delve into your ideal profession. The workshop will give you an insight into targeting professional networks, negotiating the terms of your placement and identify how to approach an organisation– (tip: you don’t want to send your dream company an untidy email with terrible punctuation). 

All of these aspects are critical in ensuring that your placement is fun, rewarding and beneficial in as many ways as possible. Not to mention attending the workshops are a great way to get to know other people in your field- the more contacts the better!


Week 2- Thursday 8 August 2-3:30pm ED2-P104

Week 4 – Thursday 22 August 2-3:0pm ED2-P104

Make sure you hit the link below to register so you don’t miss out!