Reflections on studying at Shepparton campus

Wise ASSC had the pleasure of meeting our Semester 1 subscriber competition winner, Phillip Dalby, studying at Shepparton campus. Phillip visited the Melbourne campus at Bundoora and met Wise ASSC to talk about his experience of studying at La Trobe University.

Phillip is in his final semester of studying in the Bachelor of Educational Studies. He describes his time at university as anadventure- because you can’t predict the outcome, and sometimes it seems hard, but then when you look back you see the results of all your hard work and have a great sense of achievement. He also adds that he likes that the experience of studying at university stretches what you think you are capable of.

As he is finishing his degree at the end of this semester, he has mixed feelings; Some days it feels good to be finishing, but other days you wish you could stay because you’ve enjoyed the journey.

Phillip says that Shepparton campus feels like a family because it’s so small, you really get to know everyone, and the staff are really caring.” He says the small size of the campus makes it easier to navigate and ask questions: “You don’t just feel like a number.” Phillip also thinks that the Shepparton campus is a great asset to the area because of its positioning as a growing regional centre.

The main entrance at Shepparton campus.

Before Phillip started his university course, he spent time traveling and living overseas and feels that this life experience taught him a lot about perseverance and patience, which has been really important to cope with the demands of academic study.

In looking at what’s ahead, Phillip says that he will miss studying. Life is like a series of chapters and sometimes you don’t want the chapters to end. He says he will miss the security of being on a study path and the certainty of how the immediate future is mapped out. He will also miss the people- the students and staff that he has met along the way. Being able to be creative in his academic work is also something that he will miss because it’s not always something you can do in the workplace.

On a fun note, Phillip was able to do a tour of the Melbourne campus and compare the differences between it and Shep campus. “It’s a bit of a culture shock- compared to the size of Shepparton campus, it’s like visiting London!”

The Agora at Melbourne campus in Bundoora.

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