Bring on second year!

You’ve made it! You’ve completed your first year of university! After 24 long weeks of lectures, assignments and exams you’ve finally hit the holiday period.

While it is almost time to sit back and relax and enjoy your summer, there is still some time to prepare yourself for second year.

Hmm…what do I need to know to get ready for 2nd year?

Welcome to the year 2020, oh, and congratulations, you’re no longer a ‘Jaffy’!

Second year is even more exciting then the first (more intense too). It brings with it lots of exciting opportunities and challenges. This year will bring you loads of challenges and late nights, but it’s all very worth it.

I remember waltzing into second year thinking it was going to be a repeat of first year. It wasn’t. I quickly found myself with double the work and double the content. I also found that ‘Winging it’, wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

Second year is when things start to become a little more real. The expectations are higher, the word count is higher and ultimately, your stress levels, are also higher. 

But, don’t worry, the team at Wise ASSC are there to help!

In celebration of the end of First Year in ASSC we have put together a fun-filled 2nd Year Expo to get advice on how to make the most of second year, and celebrate all that you have achieved this year.

Celebrate the end of 1st year!!!

WHEN: 11:30am -1:30 pm  Wednesday 16th October

WHERE: Ground Floor Donald Whitehead Building (Bundoora)

There will be: 

•Games & Activities 

•Careers & Unitemps

•Check out overseas study opportunities

•College Clubs and Societies

•Wellbeing Services & support to help you succeed

•Find out how to do WIL for real world experience

•Admin Advice from Ask La Trobe 

•Academic Advice

And….Free Food  &  loads more 

Make sure you tell your friends and come along and you will be totally sorted for next year!