And the LTSU Teaching Award goes to…

The La Trobe Student Union apart from being awesome in their own right, also recognise the awesomeness in others. And in this year’s suite of LTSU awards, it was time to recognise the awesomeness of the ASSC College’s Dr Ben Habib, senior lecturer in Politics in the School of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences.

Ben was nominated for the LTSU Teaching Award by his student, Claire Kearns, who wanted him to be recognised for the excellent work that he does as a teacher to create a safe and inclusive environment for his students.

Claire said, “I nominated Ben because I like to try to highlight things that work well at La Trobe University… Ben’s teaching includes those who are often marginalised within the broader community. His advocacy for those with mental health issues is something I find highly commendable and his inclusiveness of all students is something I would like to see replicated throughout the University.

Ben was humbled to be nominated for and to win the LTSU Teaching Award. He said, “To get positive recognition from the student body is the highest praise for any teacher and it means a lot personally, validating the work that goes into the design and delivery of my teaching.” 

Dr Ben Habib

Ben was also particularly gratified to have been nominated by Claire, who he has taught in a number of subjects over the last couple of years.  “Looking beyond myself, to receive this award shows that academic staff can make a positive impact on our students’ lives when we consciously embody honesty and empathy in our approach to mental health across our professional practice. It is also an important marker of the further work that still needs to be done by all of us in the La Trobe University community in creating nurturing learning environments and communities of practice for our students.”

Claire was so excited to see Ben recognised for his work in advocating for equitable learning environments. I am glad Ben won because I think it means these issues will be discussed more.”

From the Wise ASSC blog, we want to say thank you to Ben for all his great work to improve student learning, and to Claire for making the effort to see that our wonderful academic staff are recognised for the work that they do.

If you know of a great teacher at La Trobe that deserves to be acknowledged for their awesomeness, stay tuned for next year’s LTSU awards and get that nomination in!