YOU’RE THE VOICE: because your story matters

In this post, our new intern, Stephanie, introduces us to the first instalment of her series: YOU’RE THE VOICE. This blog series will be super intriguing, as each post looks at different stories and achievements by our very own students.

Whether you’re studying a double degree, on the school leadership team, representing the University’s sporting clubs or even a mature age student – everyone has their own story to tell. This is what I believe makes everyone’s university experience so unique.

Settling into university isn’t always an easy task. I personally found that listening to the stories of others was motivating and helped ease my nerves back in first year.

You may also find that some people’s stories are similar to your own or the path you wish to take in the future. And that’s the aim of my blog – to inspire and resonate.

My first expectation of university was, in one word – scary. I had no idea what the next five years of my life would bring. But everyone was in the same boat and had their own goals they wanted to achieve. I always had this idea that university was going to be study, study and more study. Little did I know that university would become my home away from home and be the place where I meet so many amazing people (although I was definitely not wrong about the studying too!!).

I never like to judge a book by its cover. That’s because there’s always a hidden story or achievement behind every student at University. Through this blog, I hope to share with you the true, raw and authentic talent of our very own La Trobe students here on campus.

There are so many interesting personal stories I am dying to investigate…so stay tuned!