New year check up

The new year is a time for setting resolutions (and breaking them), for returning to routines and planning for new adventures, but also for getting all those boring details of your life sorted.

Here at Wise ASSC, we’ve been setting our goals, planning what 2020 will look like, and sorting through our admin to make sure we are all up to date.

This is a great time for you, too, to also check that your admin is sorted! And one of the most important things to do this new year is to check that the personal details that you give the university are the same as those that the government has.

From this year, the Australian government is making some changes to the method and frequency in which they collect information for student funding, so it is super important that the details in your StudentOnline account are the same as those in your Australian Taxation Office (ATO) account.

This will mean that La Trobe can correctly report necessary information to the government, and that your Centrelink payments are timely and the correct amount is received.

So what do you have to do? Log into your StudentOnline account and check that your personal details are correct, like your name, address, etc. Then log into your ATO account through myGov and check that your personal details match what the university has.

Then if you move or change your details, all you have to do is update your details again. It’s that easy!

So easy, you don’t even have to take your sunglasses off!

Now that you’ve checked that, you can go back to planning your further adventures for 2020!