Do you know #how2uni?

Semester 1 is here and we have your back with the awesome #How2uni workshops on time management, understanding your assessments, writing for success, knowing your support services and health & wellbeing. Workshops will be held online via Zoom for all students to attend for the following sessions. Monday 16 March, 12pm- 1pm: Get organised for semester Wednesday 25 March, 12pm- 1pm: Understanding assessments Tuesday 31 March, … Continue reading Do you know #how2uni?

“Life is Short, the Birds are Flying”

Look how beautifully the poet, Cemal Sureya, summarised life: life is short, the birds are flying. Although it is quite a frank expression, the meaning is way too cruel to be explained. When you lose someone you care about dearly, you realise how short life really is. It is at that moment when this famous poet’s quote disqualifies itself from literature and becomes a solid … Continue reading “Life is Short, the Birds are Flying”

How Freelancing While Studying Can Build Your Employability

In this guest post, Isabella Blazevic, shares her experience developing employability skills through freelancing. It’s tough juggling both school and work as a student. You want to be able to study and get the marks that you want, but on the other hand, you need the money and experience. I remember feeling the same way with my previous part-time job. But now, I have the … Continue reading How Freelancing While Studying Can Build Your Employability