It’s All Right by Anika Lodha

When numbness became my calmness

And the world around me became lifeless

Cause’ it didn’t matter at all

As I am all on my own

Withering away

In this fading grey

For all I yearn

Is my demons to burn

With this soul left empty

Craving for my sanity

And the convulsions inside my head

Eating away my breath

As I look at the willow

Shedding its autumn leaves

Gazing at the sky

Where the birds fly high

Reaching for the horizon

As I sit here frozen

With this sun shining bright

I say to myself, that it’s all right

And that, it’s all right.

Anika Lodha is pursuing a Masters Degree in Business Analytics at La Trobe University. If not studying or ruminating, you will find her gallivanting around Victoria. You can follow her here:

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