“Life is Short, the Birds are Flying”

Look how beautifully the poet, Cemal Sureya, summarised life: life is short, the birds are flying.

Although it is quite a frank expression, the meaning is way too cruel to be explained. When you lose someone you care about dearly, you realise how short life really is. It is at that moment when this famous poet’s quote disqualifies itself from literature and becomes a solid reminder to people that nothing really matters in this world once your loved one is gone. Forever.

We are all rushing through life: work, school/education, home, and other responsibilities of course. With such an intense tempo of trying to catch up with life, we avoid our loved ones unintentionally. Of course, we love the people in our circle and make all the sacrifices in the world for their happiness and peace. However, at times, life puts a significant burden on our shoulders and as we resiliently try to be strong, life pulls us back, even away from the ones we love. What I’m trying to say is: regardless of what your life rhythm is, do not forget how short life is. Do not perceive the quote “life is short birds are flying” just as an expression from literature because life is short enough to take your loved ones away from you. 

Imagine a person you talk to everyday. A person whom you can trust when you need a shoulder to cry on, a person whose laugh is contagious enough that you two can laugh for hours. Imagine a person you hug with joy every time you see them. One morning you wake up and that person you love deeply is no longer around. They have spread their wings like a bird and migrated from this world. Do you understand how short life is now? Life can be pretty brutal and scary when you lose your loved one. It is a moment when words don’t do any justice. 

Every soul will taste death. We all know that. Look at it from the other end of the spectrum…death is not an end; it is a new life. A new beginning. A moment of reunion indeed. Death is only difficult for those who are left behind. 

On the 29th of February 2020, a 29-year-old woman…

On the 29th of February 2020, a young mother…

On the 29th of February 2020, a loving friend of mine said farewell to this world.

There were some wise people that used to say that time in this world is only three days. You understand this better than that person who is no longer by your side. If you love someone, be honest with your feelings and let that person know. Having a silly argument with a loved one? Don’t! Cut that lunacy out of your life. Spoil each other with love and explain how much they mean to you with your whole heart. Enjoy each day and be thankful for the people around you. You don’t know if you are going to see that person tomorrow when you wake up. The person you texted ‘goodnight’ might not be alive for your good morning message. Life is too short to have regrets. Don’t do this to yourself and don’t do it them.

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May God not test anyone with their loved ones. 

May God not let anyone suffer this pain.

May God grant patience for those who have lost their loved ones. 

Rest in Peace you beautiful soul. 

Shanae Keenan
8 July 1990 – 29 February 2020

Night Owl is a fifth year student here at La Trobe, studying a Bachelor of Arts/Master of Teaching degree. They have written this piece in memory of Shanae, a close friend, and to share their thoughts and feelings during this difficult time.

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