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Interview with our Competition Winner!

We asked Jack Spremic, Winner of the ASSC College Orientation Competition, about his course, orientation, and how he’s finding life at La Trobe – online!

Jack studies a Bachelor Degree in Commerce. Businesses courses are so popular, so we asked Jack, why? And he told us that he’s “really interested in business” and that a “broad course such as commerce” was a gateway into figuring out exactly what he wanted to do. Trying to navigate a career path is hard, and can be super stressful as a student, but it seems like Jack has made a good start!

Our competition winner, Jack Spremic

As we have hundreds of students participate in O-Week, we wanted to know what it was like. Jack said his orientation was pretty good! He also told us that he “had a few mates also starting at La Trobe” which made the experience “heaps easier”, and that he enjoyed the Freshies party on Thursday night! 

Starting university can be daunting, especially if you’re braving it on your own. But don’t worry! Just remember, that in first year, you’re all in the same boat and none of you are alone! As the year goes on, you’re bound to meet plenty of people that will help you through university. 

Although, 2020 hasn’t started off as we normally would, and we’re all living in a strange world where everything has gone digital. Luckily, we got to experience the first couple of weeks of a normal semester before we were dropped in the middle of a…small situation. Speaking of that time just before, we asked Jack how he was finding his time at university. He told us that his “first couple of weeks were really good” and that he “was really enjoying uni”, but admits that “now it’s all online, it has been harder to stay motivated”. 

Motivation is going to be like gold dust but hang in there! We’ll be sure to post some tips on how to keep yourselves going during this time.

Finally, we asked Jack if he had any tips for students starting next year. He advises future that students should “really think about the subjects and understand how many majors or minors work”. He also says “you’re going to be pushed out of your comfort zone so you might as well embrace that and try your best to make the most of it”. 

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Absolutely! University, although it brings trials and tribulations, is a once in a lifetime experience, so welcome it with open arms!

But, during this time of self-isolation and social distancing, everyone is feeling waves of loneliness and a lack of motivation. If you are, La Trobe is here to support you. We have a number of contacts that you can get in touch with, even if you just need someone to talk to. Remember, your professors and staff at La Trobe will help you, so don’t be afraid to drop them an email. 

Below is the link to get wellbeing support from La Trobe during the pandemic, to help with mental health, accessing services remotely, requesting a call from the wellbeing services, contacting the Speak Up team, and phone numbers to contact the after-hours support service:

Congratulations Jack on your win! And Good Luck!