And that’s a Semester 2 wrap: So long, farewell!

As I complete my final week on placement at with the Wise ASSC team, and the last week of class for 2020, I find myself thinking about what an amazing time I’ve had. Despite the fact that this year has brought so much uncertainty and change, it also brought the opportunity to adapt, grow and try new things!

This year did not go as expected; I was fully prepared for a year filled with new experiences on internships, spending time with my housemates and friends, exploring beautiful Melbourne city and generally getting as much out of uni life as possible!

While I haven’t been able to explore or see my friends as much as I’d hoped, I’ve still had the chance to have some great new experiences this year. Being part of a cohort that has extensive experience studying from home and having the chance to be part of virtual internships has given me skills that I may have not been able to develop previously. While I’ll be the first to admit that this year hasn’t been perfect, sometimes you have to look at the positive side and find the silver lining in your situation!

I am so grateful that I decided to stick my head out and apply to be an intern writer at the ASSC blog. I had my doubts, after all, writing a blog doesn’t have much to do with my major of Human Resources. But having the opportunity to interact with so many unique individuals in the La Trobe community that I may have otherwise not been able to speak with has been an incredible experience and has taught me a lot.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved! To our Wise ASSC editor and the rest of the Wise ASSC team, to the Clubs and Society members that were part of the series, and to anyone who read one of my posts: Thank you for having me!

Good luck to everyone with final assessments and exams; you’re nearly there!