Virtual internships for expanding experience

If you’ve been wanting to complete an overseas internship, but not sure how it all works in a virtual environment, then we have the lowdown for you!

Zara Protopopoff, a Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Marketing, has just completed virtual internship in the USA through CIS Australia.

Zara was supposed to study in Los Angeles at UCLA during the 6-week winter semester break, but when that was cancelled in April, CIS Australia recommended undertaking a virtual internship.

CIS Australia provided a lot of advice and support. Zara says “throughout my application process I would receive calls and emails regularly letting me know whenever there was an update and during my internship.” This support continued throughout the internship so that Zara and her host company had all the information they needed.

Some of the benefits of completing a virtual internship include skills such as the ability to work remotely across time zones and cultures, as well as developing confidence in a particular professional context.

Zara says the highlight of the internship was discovering a passion for digital marketing. “I knew that I enjoyed it from what I had previously learnt in class, however, being able to take creative control and create social media content and assist with the search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) at my internship company really allowed me to see my own potential, as well as develop my skills and confidence in digital marketing.

If you are considering a virtual internship, Zara says “DO IT! A virtual internship has been the best way to immerse myself in another culture during the current pandemic. I have learnt so many new skills that I will continue to use for many years into the future.”

To find out more about completing an overseas internship, see La Trobe Abroad’s Overseas Short Programs to find Virtual Internships available through CISaustralia and to see the full list of online programs available over the summer break from our international partners.