Seeking your Excellence

If you can demonstrate outstanding, continuous commitment in the community, cultural or innovation/entrepreneurship sectors, apply to be considered for the La Trobe Student Excellence Academy!

This means if you are a community leader, an established or aspiring artist, musician, performer or writer, or an emerging innovator and you can demonstrate your commitment in your respective field through your resume, a reference letter and/or a portfolio, then you are eligible to apply (if you have completed 60 credit points of university study and a minimum WAM of 70% at La Trobe).

You can apply to the Academy through the following three streams:
Community: Students who can demonstrate ongoing commitment to community.

Culture: Students who can demonstrate ongoing involvement with an artistic or performative endeavour.

Innovation/Entrepreneurship: Students who can demonstrate a high-level of involvement with innovative or entrepreneurial endeavours.

For more information, please download the application and contact the for more questions.