A final post: Adios!

Hello for the final time! It’s Week 12 and that means that the semester, along with my internship at the Wise ASSC Blog is over.

I am so sad to be finishing up at the Wise ASSC blog. I have had an incredible experience interning here throughout the semester.

It’s truly been a crazy 12 weeks with the return to campus after remote learning. But my internship at the blog has made it all the more enjoyable. It was so wonderful to be able to come onto campus and connect with the team and other members of the university.

When I had my interview for this internship, I knew straight away that the Wise ASSC Team was a team I wanted to work for. I’m so grateful to the Wise ASSC team who provided support, guidance and lent me their time over the semester. I have felt challenged but also extremely supported by the Wise ASSC team throughout my internship.

What was really special about this internship was that I got to write about my own personal, university experiences on the blog. I was so thankful to be given the opportunity to share these experiences. From writing blog posts, to sitting in on meetings and learning about the behind the scenes work the ASSC team do, this whole internship has truly been a whirlwind. I have learnt so much from this incredible team – thank you so much to Jade, Daena and Alysia.

I strongly recommend to anyone in the Arts, Social Science or Commerce College, to apply for an internship with the Wise ASSC Blog during their degree – you won’t regret it!

Good luck for all your assessments and exams!