Orientation winners: New students, new journeys

Despite lockdowns left, right and centre, Semester 2 arrived, and we were able to welcome new students starting exciting journeys across our campuses! In this post, we introduce you to some of our ASSC Orientation survey competition winners, and hear their intital thoughts about starting their courses.

Sitaren enjoying a sunny Melbourne day.

Sitaren is studying a Master of Teaching (Secondary) at Bundoora campus. He chose the course because he has been an English as a 2nd language teacher for about 6 years, and really enjoys helping students to learn and master English in order to succeed both in Australia, and eventually when they go home. He says “There is great pleasure in having “light bulb” moments in the class. Hence I’m re-training to teach in Australian high schools where I can continue to lead students to learn the skills to be successful.

Sitaren says the first few weeks have been “slightly nerve-wrecking. There is a lot to take in, from the Learning Management System, information websites, the new acronyms!, assignments, academic referencing (hope I can figure this out), etc. Fortunately, there is a lot of support at La Trobe and the support mechanisms are all clearly documented. His advice for other students starting uni is “Take things one step at a time.¬† It is not possible to wrap your head around everything. Learn and discover what you can in a day. Tomorrow is another day to expand what you know.”

Another of our Orientation winners is Andrew, studying a Bachelor of Educational Studies at Bundoora. He really likes the idea of teaching kids how to read and to develop an appreciation for reading, and plans to teach at a primary school.

Starting uni in a pandemic is not an easy road, but Andrew has taken a positive attitude: “I have been out of study for a significant¬†amount of time and so was feeling pretty daunted, …(but) this whole internet thingy seems to have really worked out well.

Andrew’s advice for new students is “remember that (you) are not alone and there are many resources available to help them with whatever (your) needs are. Be brave and ask.” He adds, “I hope I can take my own advice!

Congratulations to our Orientation winners, and all students starting this semester. We hope you enjoy your course and have a great experience!